The Greatest Blog Contest of All Time

Ladies and gentlemen, and flamboyant gentlemen. Boys and girls and children of all ages…wait this is not the Farewell Tour.
Readers of all corners of this planet, welcome to the The Greatest Blog Contest of All Time (cuz I say so).

You all know my competition addiction, I’m always asking for you support and always get it, my time to give back has arrived, so fasten your seat belts and get ready to compete.

Without further ado lets define the contest:

For you should be winning, for me having fun in the process and give a boost to the business (dog treats and bandanas) of a blogger who is always putting out and never promotes her own business. Rumor has it she’s on her second mortgage because of all the awards that she sends out, let me clarify that she is NOT giving the award and this was NOT her idea, so let’s spread the gospel.

Who can enter:
Everybody, we don’t discriminate in here, even if you are not a pet owner but you surely know a pet owner who you can pass the prize to.

Submit your entry:
No pictures required, don’t wanna leave out those of you who are not familiar with photo editing.
You will have to come up with a short, short, short I mean SHORT (up to 50 words, I won’t count them but let’s pretend I will) tale that must include the following words in no specific order and post it as a comment, no emails, hassle free:

Patron (tequila)

I know the words suggest a sordid story but all depends on the way you approach them for example:

In the Mississippi delta men would eat catfish and chug bottles of Patron in the company of the vamp of the swamp better known as Mollie.
Mollie a social worker and animal lover while living in Louisiana would rescue catfish from the swamp and rise them in Patron bottles given to her by the vamps at the French quarters.

You can be as politically incorrect and twisted as you which or make of this a nice bed story for kids, do not limit your imagination, set it free, nobody will pass judgement, so let’s have fun, there’s no wrong answer. Only 1 story per blog.

Picking the winners:
I was first going to get 1 winner, but to make this interesting for everybody, including those who think that cannot get people to vote for them, I’ve decided to get 2 winners.
One chosen by The People and one chosen randomly with the help of a website called Radom, see, I want you to participate, I want you to win, no excuses, you all have a chance to win even if you are a new blogger.

The prize:
£20 for each winner (total of 2) redeemable at Mollie’s Dog Treats and Bandanas.
As I said, if you win and don’t own a pet, you can pass it on to someone.
Her bandanas can be used as a top, sport bra, bikini/brief boxer, the possibilities are endless, you can get 20 of them and make a blanket, it’s just matter of using your imagination.

You can submit your entry starting today (November 6th) and until November 13th, voting for the The People’s Choice Award will start November 15th and end on November 19th, winners will be announced on November 21st.

All you have to do is ask.

Hey, did I win?

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