Who doesn’t love a mug?

Isn’t this the nicest mug?

Up to yesterday I didn’t have a mug to call my own, a mug that if I see someone using I would grab it and pour the hot drink down their crotch, just like they do on TV, that was unthinkable for me, I simple didn’t have a mug.

Our Furever Family has not only provided me with the cutest mug on earth but they have also sent a little bag of  *let me breath*, candy corn just because (they may have read it on my blog and took pity on me after too much whining), when I open the little box and saw it I was beyond happy, the mug had made it in one piece and there was candy corn too, a huge surprise, and last but not least, there was also a bunch of supermarket/retail catalog pages used as cushion and man, I love to read that stuff.

Dear Furever Family, thank you very much, you made an old man happy and gave him a mug to call his own and fight for.
To you my readers, jump to their blog and learn about Lexie and Charlie, it’ll warm your heart and at times you might feel like there’s someone chopping onions next to you.

Do you wanna win the bandana that Laika used the day before her trip to space?
Well, I don’t know where you could win such thing but I can tell you where to win something better, yes I can, just go to The Greatest Blog Contest of All Time and participate.

I won’t get political but let me say something:
YAY!!! For Maine, Maryland and Minnesota.

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