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Because I know what is like spending Christmas alone with a bottle or 3 of wine. I’ll join this, time difference plays in my favor.

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You’ve probably noticed the pretty new badge on the side of my page.  And oh– hey look, there’s Marilyn with it, too!  And… is that Obama, too? Wow!  So what’s this new thing that all the cool kids are into?

It’s C4C– Company for Christmas!

Company for Christmas is a volunteer-fueled mission, created by fabulous blogger RuleofStupid.  It is a virtual place for people who, quite simply, don’t have any company on Christmas, and would benefit from a little non-religiously-affiliated, non-counseling-oriented, conversation.

I’ll be volunteering, so if you want to spend some of your Christmas day chatting with me and reading whatever nonsense I decide to post, well– come on over.

You can help, too.

  • Spread the word, so that no member of our wonderful Presser family spends Christmas alone.
  • Volunteer!  It’s a little bit of time on Christmas day– almost everyone can…

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