My Leprosy Experience

Last week I talked about the feeling of being a leper, I wanted to hear your experience.
Some of you shared your struggle with leprosy and the representative of the MLC (Miami Leprosy Community) came forward to claim the donation check.
It was a good day and as I promised here are the stories you shared:

Leprosy caused by a Polaroid by Easy

I was looking for a Pin Up Leper and found My Leper Pony, too funy.

I was looking for a Pin Up Leper and found My Leper Pony, too funny.

I became a leper as I was a freshman. I was in love (or I thought I was) with a Senior who never noticed me. I wrote a gushing love letter and added a pin-up like Polaroid instant picture of me in a swimsuit. I was just a silly kid, so I asked him if he want to be my boyfriend to mark with a cross A: for yes, B: for no or C: for maybe. The guy was an a-hole, because he painted me tits ( I’m deprived on this front) and wasn’t able to make a cross where it was applicable, but he wrote “NEVER , FREAK!” over my letter and the picture and hung it on the glass door of our school. Everybody saw it. Really EVERYBODY. And for a while I was the Jackass and no one want to be seen next with me. They made a circle around me and I was like the lonesome rider or a hermit. The other kids were laughing at me and they talked bad about me behind my back – even those who not even had a Polaroid cam. Today I can’t remember the name of this douchebag, he was just an idiot. But I learnt something: the Polaroid thingy was half-assed crap for self-embarrassment - POLAROID SUCKS!

Mass Transit Leprosy by Joe
No one sits next to me on the bus either. Not the best confidence booster when you see the kind of people who get on my bus. It’s lovingly referred to as the murder bus in my part of London. The only time people usually avoid a seat is when there is vomit on it or if I am sitting there already.

Wishing for Leprosy by Madam Weebles

I'm sure nobody came close to her!

I’m sure nobody came close to her!

I WISH I had leprosy so that people would stay the fuck away from me on public transportation and while waiting on line at the ATM and stuff. But I do have a few recollections of times when I may as well have had leprosy, so I’ll have to write about one of them and send it to you.

Dog Leprosy by One Blue Dog



I feel like a leper when people cross the street so they don’t have to walk near me or when they tell my mom I am dangerous because of what I look like. Luckily this does not happen too often.

Unjustified* Leprosy by Seville Estates Flyer 
Brilliant idea Uncle Leo! I was born with a cleft palate which resulted in having a speech impediment so many times as a kid I was made fun of and ostracized which was very painful. I hoped my story was helpful.

*I realized that “Unjustified” gives room for confusion, what I mean is that NOBODY has a logic justification to treat someone different based on their physical appearance.  Nancy, I’m sorry for the confusion.  

Thanks for sharing! 
Have a happy Monday. 

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