Let’s sing together!

Today one of my favorite bloggers turns, well, let’s say she’s between 30 and being dead (not that I want her to die). The point is that today is her birthday.
I’m not one to pay homage on birthdays but she deserves.
Most of you know her, her name Stella, the person behind that messy blog Mollie and Alfie.
She’s one of the most giving souls I know, I have to keep telling her to stop giving away the stuff from her store.
But she doesn’t listen.
Woman, I love you, you know that!
I’m glad to have met you and to get to chance to have dirty talks after dinner (I said dirty talks not cyber sex ok?).

I’m so bad with word, but have a happy fucking birthday, even if you’re starting to sag, you just gotta tight’em firmly.
Pop over Stella’s blog and wish her happy birthday. 
And since I can’t record a video singing happy birthday, because that’s the part of my dignity I’m determined to keep, I leave you with my favorite happy birthday video ever.


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