Oh! Darling…

This is a HYPOTHETICAL post.
Now that is clear that is HYPOTHETICAL let’s get to it.

Let’s say you are in your late 20′s early 30′s, let’s say you are married or on a steady/committed relationship, let’s say you have that dreaded talk that starts like this:

Your significant other: Fluffy bear (let’s say you use cloying pet names), what would you do if I end up on a wheelchair for life next year, in a condition where I couldn’t move, like a vegetable? Would you still be with me?

Mange or not, still a fluffy bear.

Mange or not, still a fluffy bear.

You: Yes, we could still be roommates, I’d honor our vows and pay you a nurse to look after you and chance your diapers.

YSO: But my little piece of heaven, would you still love me?

Y: Yes, but you’d have to understand that I have needs, urges and I’m young, I would like you to understand that I need to get back in the dating scene.

YSO: Wait honey bee, are you saying you would leave me?

Y: I didn’t say I’d leave you, I told you, we’d be roommates.

YSO: You asshole, you are telling me you’d bring your dates over?

Y: Wow!! We went from Fluffy bear to asshole in 5 seconds? Ok, I see. Well, what exactly you want me to do?

YSO: Love me forever!!

Y: And I will, don’t worry, I won’t love the others would be just sex.

Breaking news

Breaking news

YSO: You are a jerk.

Y: I promise I’d turn your chair facing the wall while I make out with the others in the living room.

YSO: You are horrible. Would you like me to do the same to you?

Y: No! Of course no!

YSO: See, you are selfish and horrible.

Y: I’d want you to put me down.

YSO: I couldn’t do that! Wait, would you kill me?

Y: I wouldn’t kill you, I’d put you down like a sick puppy.

YSO: I can’t believe you are telling me this.

Y: It’s your fault, you wanted to talk about this, now please, face the wall.

YSO: Fuck you!

Y: I love you too Fluffy bear.

And now a HYPOTHETICAL poll:

I’ll share tomorrow the results of last week’s poll.

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