Naughty Thursday: I’ll Miss Your Ass

This cellphone  landen on my hand and a message notification caught my attention.

“I’ll miss your ass!”

Or "I miss effing you"

Or “I miss effing you”

Wow! I need to read all other messages to find out the love story behind that message, a love story that had seen its final day, because Allan was going back home, leaving in Spain a guy with a broken heart (and probably a broken penis based on that txt).

Jose, Miguel and Pedro. Allan had messages from all these guys, it was clear to me that Allan was a slut and had a broken ass.

Borken Ass

Broken Ass

After reading over 300 text messages I have sufficient information to build a profile of the gentlemen Allan was seeing.

Jose: Between 25-30yo, had a car, he would take his friend to get served by Allan at the nearest parking lot. His relationship with Allan was merely sexual, 100% lust. Promiscuity at its best.

Pedro: College student, he had to wait for his parents to leave to bring Allan to his place, it was a casual relationship, they would have sex but also meet for a drink and food with 2 girls friends of Allan.

Miguel: Prepare your heart. Miguel is a sweet guy, he’s genuinely attracted to Allan, I daresay he loves Allan. None of his text messages to Allan were explicitly sexual. Of course they were having sex, but messages like:

“I can’t wait to have your head on my chest and play with your hair”
“I wish you were here, I’m alone in a hotel and would love to be cuddling” -Miguel was working away that week. Allan was sexing up all the guys in the city, all but me.

Specially Allan's ass

Specially Allan’s ass

We can deduct that Miguel wanted more than a head, or an ass.
Miguel was the caregiver, Allan appreciated Miguel, he was sweet on his replies. I believe that Allan had feelings for Miguel, but he was too horny and needed to try as many Spanish phallus as possible.

Ladies and gentlemen, I just met Miguel, I wanted to hug him, he came to return something Allan had forgotten.

Miguel, you’ll never read this, but if you do, I’m sorry for sharing your story and you should get tested. I see STD’s coming your way.

Don’t you feel sorry for Miguel?

And because Miss Four Eyes was curious, here’s a “safe for work” graphic explanation of a bukake.

I hope that's condensed milk

I hope that’s condensed milk

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