It’s me Doggy….no it isn’t, he’s illiterate.

Satan's Dog

In my effort to not overload my facebook updates with pictures and posts that nobody cares of my evil dog, I’ve decided to create a blog for nobody or a handful to read. I haven’t yet turned into that person (getting there), this won’t be the “today my owner or daddy (plain awkward) bought me a new toy….” kind of blog, I’ll be writing, Doggy hasn’t yet learn to write or read, the day he does I swear I’ll eat my right arm and let him write for me. I got a clicker to train him. Hey! if whales learn with it there’s still hope for my little Cujo. By the way, he is a Spanish Water Dog, sort of unknown breed so I’ll post some facts about the breed, not too long cuz we gotta keep it simple (1 post a day, unless he learns to write and read) . This is also a personal challenge, never been able to keep my work agenda up to date let alone a blog.