Water Rock-Wrestler Dog-gy

Since the weather is getting nicer and Doggy’s bloodthirst is growing, I’ve decided to take him to the river to get his own food. He gets really enthusiastic whenever he sees/smells water or on its defect a muddy puddle, I’m personally not a fan of the latter, although it can be funny seeing him cover on mud and subsequently finding his way into the shower once we get home. These dogs love water, (duh! water dog is the breed, right?) they have webbed feet, great divers (mine is still working on it), all that sounds great I know, but this dog born in hell manages to get dirty right before he dries and then is me the one who has to untangle his hair, not far off is the day when I shave all his hair. The upside is that once he gets home he passes out and it’s like having a water dog rug on the floor.

Pd: that rock was a little too heavy for him to grab, but if he someday is gonna carry my luggage must learn early on life.