Positive Reinforcement=Human Eating Dog

As I said before I got a Water Dog because they are good working dogs and adapt to all kind of situations and conditions with ease and let’s be honest, nowadays we all gotta work to make our living and Doggy wasn’t going to be the exception. Currently his job is to be my “workout partner”. I used to hate running with gadgets and/or carry unnecessary stuff and now I carry plastic bags for the nasties, treats, the clicker, water and even a stick to keep Doggy focused, to think that I didn’t get one of those fancy run-with-your-dog-kinda-belt because it was too bulky.  Most of the time he does his part of the job just fine and for that he gets a reward, sometimes is food, others a good belly scratch (his favorite) and for days like today when on top of doing his job he also got his shots I feel like he deserves more, so I allowed to eat a human, I mean after running 6 miles next to me the boy needs a bonus, something that he doesn’t get when learning new tricks with the clicker. You can see how much he enjoyed his meal, nothing but hair left and flower, he’s not fan or white carnations.