Dog-gy Torture Device by Kong.

-You don’t have to read the long part, that’s me being creative, facts are listed below
After 2 years of psychological preparation I decided it was time to bring a little Cujo to my place. See, I’m not the most patient person on earth and at this point I don’t know who is training who, but I’m surely learning. My greatest fear, I mean FEAR, was Doggy eating my running shoes, I care little about the wires, carpeting, sofa, etc.(I removed all the carpeting and managed to literally rewire my place prior to his arrival). I couldn’t just hide my precious snickers, downside about living at a loft not meant for furry kids. Much to my surprise, he was not interested at all on chewing my shoes(praised be Zeus) or any other thing lying around, he decided to take his frustration on a stuffed pig. He soon stared teething, I bought him a few toys but none worked better than Genius Leo, one of those Kong Toys that you can put treats inside. That day I was in a rush and ended up buying XL treats for the S toy,  yeah, Genius Me, I was a little upset but as personal policy I don’t usually return stuff, I either find a way of using it or give it away or just save it for that day that will never come. Little I knew all was going to work just fine, I put a snack inside the toy, was too big for it to come out, the perfect torture device for a possessed puppy, he expends hours trying to take the treat out, but I’m merciful so I give him a treat every now and then so he doesn’t hate the toy or me and then have him kill me in my sleep.


  • I’m still the luckiest guy on earth and my snickers are safe.
  • Genius Leo from Kong and its wrongly purchased XL treats are the perfect torture device for a possessed puppy.
  • Be merciful and give your little beast a 1/4 of a treat every now and then so he doesn’t take it on you on your sleep.
  • If you find teeth lying around save them, they make a beautiful necklace.
  • Kong Company should pay me for the publicity,  you hear me Kong???!!!