Dog-gy Eat Dog

In the beginning of time there was Doggy playing alone….when I got him he was about 4 month old, he was really shy, but mostly because he’s a hill billy dog and coming to the city was more than a cultural shock for him, cars, people, dogs on leash, can you imagine? no cows, no sheep, no pigs to wrestle. He wouldn’t  eat play the first week with any other dog much less a human, but then the weekend came and on our way from the groomer we found this Andalusian wine-cellar rat-hunting dog (kinda Rat Terrier but Spanish), Doggy was hungry so he decided it was time to put his hunting skills to work and go after Voldy (yeah, from Voldemort), if I tell you he managed to eat him after some wrestling and tossing around you wouldn’t believe it, but he did, I cut that part of the video since is not suited for all audiences. Eventually I’ll post pics/vids of Doggy’s meals play dates, he’s fully adapted to the city and its lights or pollution, however, you can still tell he’s a bumpkin, at least I can.