Puppy Fur Rug

 -Again, facts are all the way down-
At first I thought on getting a goat bell so I would know when Doggy is stalking me and ready to pounce, but he outsmarted me and changed his killing tactics. Now he lays down behind me to make me trip and break my neck. He’s like a carpet, I can’t tell you how hard is to spot him with little light and specially at night. I’ll get a lightning  colar and 2 sets of Ghunghru (the ankle bells used on Indian dance)to make him as noticeable as possible, need to take all the necessary precautions. To be honest is really nice having a shadow at times, he follows me everywhere without being clingy, at home he sleeps most of the time because he gets plenty of exercise and work, I’m teaching him a lot tricks so I can sell him to the Cirque du Soleil later on (you hear me Jon?-Jon is my Cirque du Soleil contact-) and pay for my retirement cabine in the Alps.


  • I keep being the luckiest guy on earth.
  • If you think your dog is planning to take you down, he probably is, take precautions.
  • I’m far from being an expert, but a well exercise/played and worked dog makes a happy owner.
  • Gypsies don’t buy dogs anymore, Cirque du Soleil does, so train him and plan your retirement while doing so.