How Click Training spit on my eye

-Do not get bored, facts all the way down-

Before getting my black hairy beast, Click Training for me was totally unknown, then I started watching videos on YouTube and it looked pretty cool, however, I was skeptic, everything look way too easy, way too simple. I’ve heard that clicking song before with dolphins and other sea animals, but was totally oblivious as to what were the fundamentals and the training process. To cure my ignorance I read a little and decided to give it a try, wore my patient dress, took my medication, bought my 3 bucks clicker and started to work with Doggy and man was I surprised!! Worked like magic, that whole thing of picking up/marking a behavior you want your beast to do without naming them until they become natural is amazing. At first it took me awhile to figure the right motivation, he’s rather picky with food, so I bought some baby pandas and pickle them, he loves them and literally dances for them.
I’m only 2 weeks into it, but he learned so much the first week, the video is of what he learned week 1, he gotta learn now to do the laundry and heat up my lunch among other things.
Cesar Millan has much to fear, I’m ready for a TV show and a couple of EMMY awards, that if Oprah and Extreme Makeover allow us.


  • Click Training works, it’s cheap and you can do it while you cook the dead fish your dog brought home, so time is not an excuse.
  • Work on the reward, I guess it’s the key to keep your wild animal focused, food and a good belly scratch.
  • Click Training spit on my eye for not believing on its power, it’s helping me taming my Cujo.
  • Click Training and the luckiest guy on earth make a great duo.