Keep Your Owner on a Leash

-Sorry no shortcut today-
I was going to wait a little longer to trash the lady I mentioned yesterday but I just can’t, mainly because she pulled her crazy again. To make this story short-ish, it all began 2 weeks ago(this is how I make stories short) my little cujo was playing at the park, truth to be told he plays a little hard, likes to pounce and chase, but doesn’t bite or barks, growls a little but that’s about it. Her dog is a puppy beagle around the same age as mine(the more I write the more this is becoming a kinder garden story lol) and whenever he sees Doggy he goes crazy, sadly so does his owner.
-Doggy and puppy beagle star chasing each other, rolling around, Doggy growls and jumps on puppy beagle, bang!!! Disaster.
-Almost crazy lady runs desperately , grabs puppy beagle and kills me with her eyes.
-Possessed lady approaches, I call Doggy, lady is now a few feet away, I say my prayers.
-Infuriated lady says: “Could you please ask your dog to not play that way with mine, he is too big and aggressive”
-I hold my breath and think to myself “Wait, this is actually funny” then reply “Sure thing ma’am”, look down at Doggy and nicely tell him “Doggy, please do not play that way with this little puppy because his owner doesn’t like it, you hear me boy?”
-Long-gone lady snaps and angrily says: “You think this is funny? Are you making fun of me?”
-Me shaking down to my bones reply: “No ma’am, I just did what you asked me, but in my humble opinion I don’t think my dog got half of what I said, why don’t you just let them play and learn?”

She walked away and repeated the scene with Vincent (a mastiff puppy and his owner).
Luckily she’s the only owner in need of a human whisperer or Prozac at that park.
Let puppies learn to play like puppies, I saw that on Cesar Millan.
The video is Doggy playing with another dog from hades, her name’s Nerva.