Doggy and Django from Hell

Django is like Doggy another dog from hell, they both are black and have energy to move American and half of Europe. Django is a lab mix, a good retriever if he only wouldn’t eat whatever he gets on the way back to the handler, but hey at least he gives it a shot.
Today was his first time in the water, actually was yesterday, but more than water that was mud, today he swam. His owner would often tell me how much Django didn’t like water, I found it hard to believe because he’s such an active dog and giving the chance he would jump to the river after a duck or the fish in no time. So today we grabbed some oranges(we lost yet another tennis ball,  from the trees at the park and took them to the pond to swim a little and to see if they could catch some recently hatched turtles for Sunday’s soup.
Doggy lead the way to the pond and bitting his hears Django followed, I threw the first orange and the rest you can see it on the video.
The orange lasted 4 throws, Django ate it but he was nice enough to return the seeds.
Needless to say that Django is probably Doggy’s favorite play date, funny to see 2 dominant puppies trying to subdue the other.