Things Dogs Do Just Because: The Perfect(or so) Heel

There are many things this little beast does(as all other dogs I’m sure) that somehow annoy me, but there are even more things that he does that I love and  in all fairness have made this new experience extremely gratifying.
Things that I haven’t taught him nor has anyone else, as I said he’s a hill billy dog, illiterate, never been to school. Besides the obvious reasons behind getting a dog I got mine because I was looking for the perfect running partner. I knew that before taking on running with him he must learn to walk like a civilized dog, I had to train him to heel which according to what I read/hear can be rather difficult. On his second night with me I took him for a little walk and much to my surprise he would walk next to me and follow me around, of course I assumed it was because he was too shy to explore and wander and once he would get used to me and everything else he would just pull on the leash or make me drag him. “On your face!!” he said, up to this very day he heels on both sides (I read that the “perfect heel” was on the left side, but we do not care). He surely wants to gain my trust and when I don’t see him bite my Achilles tendon, make me fall downstairs and eat me. I always keep an eye on him, you can never be too cautious. People  often ask me how do I managed to teach him that, my answer is always the same, I didn’t he just did it because…
That saved me a lot of time and effort, now I can focus on teaching him different tricks like pick-pocketing and bringing grapes from the fruit stand.
Unfortunately I won’t be able to prove the perfect heel because I lost the video with the last upgrade on my computer(how convenient).
I choose that picture because he looks like a good boy.