The 3 Dogs of the Apocalypse

Saturday we had the brilliant idea to take these 3 dogs to the pond. We usually go in pairs, Doggy and Django or Doggy and Voldy(Voldemort) and that’s challenging enough, the 3 of them together a little excessive. They are really hard players, pounce at each other, bite each other in a way that few dog owners allow their puppies to play. These 3 dogs are usually the rejected puppies at the park, I emphasize the problem is with the owners and not with the other dogs. They can be as evil as they are but they are not aggressive(when well fed) and take hints.

Django: The most active and let’s say “annoying” of the 3, he plays non-stop. Loves to run but sadly doesn’t know how to stop and breaks by hitting other dogs or trees, he’s only 5 months but already about 3oLbs. He makes his retrieving efforts, once he has eaten retrieved  his ball/stick/orange he goes and tries to get the one from the other dog and hell opens.

Voldy(Voldemort):  The most friendly, he would try to play with any dog and would go home with anyone, but share the way of playing with Django and Doggy. Being the smallest he sometimes gets the worse part and is when he decides to go for the ears and don’t let go till he’s crushed between the 2 black cujos.

Doggy: Well, I’ve written plenty about him, he loves to run as much as to ambush and go for the legs and tail, since he doesn’t have one he doesn’t know what is like to be grabbed by the tail and hauled into a sudden stop.

It’s nice to see them play tho and observe the distinctive behavior of each breed, the retriever, the hunter and the herder, from hell that is.