Dog-gy Grooming

Furry beasts are usually “cute”, all kids approach and say they look like stuffed animal(which they are) but Zeus knows how hard is to keep those animals clean, I don’t take me wrong, I’m not obsessed with having Doggy perfectly groomed. According to the standard of his breed and I quote “The SWD(Spanish Water Dog) is a rustic working dog. The coat of the SWD should never be combed or brushed.” (see, you can use these standards in your favor) that’s what I usually tell people when they ask me how my dog looks rusty. Let’s be honest, I have the hardest time keeping my hair in place I cannot see myself brushing this dog daily. However, not brushing him is one thing and allowing to look like a Christmas tree a totally different thing, the picture clearly shows how Doggy looks every morning after a a walk and playing with Django and that’s when he doesn’t get in the water. He manages to collect sticks, leaves, seed and all sort of nasty things. I’m sure he does it to mess with me, because then I have to spend at least 30 minutes removing all that crap and untangling his hair, doing all the running/walking, playing, training, feeding and grooming everyday before work makes me understand what the mother of that girl who used to go with me to kindergarten went through when we would put silly putty on her hair. Wherever you are Linda’s mother, I’m sorry.
So the other day I talked about the perfect heel and a video that I couldn’t post, it turns out I was able to recover my lost data and I’ll be able to prove how Doggy(he was so little back them) would follow me like a shadow without the need of a leash.