Running With Your Furry Beast

Part of my routine is to run with Doggy, my plan is to get him used to run long distances but he’s still too young, don’t wanna ruin his joints and then not being able to sell it to the Cirque du Soleil . As for now we alternate short runs and long walks/jogs(for me) trots(for him). We have set a path for our workouts which I never use for other than workouts, whenever we get to that place he gets really excited and starts running, he soon realizes that we start running when I’m ready and not when he feels like to. He’s really good at it, he changes the rhythm when I do and doesn’t sniff or stops to play with other dogs (just if is any of his “friends”) or reacts to dogs barking or running after him. Today we went for 6 miles along the river and as usual ended up at the park where he’s free to do what he wants which basically comes down to jump in the pond, roll on the dirt and play with Django right before heading back home. He’s growing up so fast, he has started to raise his leg to pee.
You would think that after all that activity he would be ready to die, let me tell you that once he gets home he wants to play chase or would do a few tricks in exchange of a few pieces of baby panda.