The Flying Dog-gy Act

Thanks to Kyra Doggy is now ready for his flying act at the Cirque du Soleil, I could sell him as soon as tomorrow if I wanted. Kyra is a cute greyhound that every now and then is taken to the park, however, now all dog owners like her, mainly because whenever she shows up all dogs go after her. Yesterday she decided to play with Doggy, at first they were just rolling and biting each other but then the chasing game began, first it was Doggy’s time to chase, poor thing, he didn’t stand a chance, he surely tried to ambush her, taking sharp turns and hiding behind the bushes, useless! Then was Kyra’s time, words cannot describe what happened there, I tried to record it but they moved to fast and video was too shaky. Doggy started running like crazy while Kyra was trotting, then she put full speed on and bang! Doggy was no more, he literally flew. Kyra tackled him, I think he rolled twice in the air and another bunch on the ground, curiously enough he got up and you could see that he didn’t know whether to run or play dead. When he flew he cried a little, I laughed so hard while some ladies looked at the scene with fear, they probably thought that Kyra was going to eat Doggy. They approached me and asked me to check on Doggy, of I course I was not going to do so, mainly because I was still laughing. I knew he was ok, he was not hurting and Kyra meant no harm, he then got up and charged at Kyra’s ears and kept the playing till the damn lady who I trashed not so long ago talked to Kyra’s owner and he decided to take her away, well, all what I said happened while the other dogs barked and ran after Kyra and Doggy.
Can’t explain why, but when all that was happening this old cartoon came to my mind.