Who Rules The Dog Park? Not Candela For Sure

Gotta say that the whole dog park experience is proving to be to say the least, interesting. Back in The City (NYC, you know the only city in the world) I would enjoy reading a book or just having a cup of ice-cream next to a dog park and see how the relation dog-owner worked. Now, here there are no such thing as established dog parks, the place I take Doggy for instance, is a regular park with some green where dog owners gather, if you ask me and based on who rules the place (2 cute old ladies) it probably started out as a get-gossip-together kinda place with a few dog owners and now dogs has taken over the place. Boy am I diverting from what I was going to post initially or what lol. Anyway, I usually get there after work, Doggy runs freely and tries to eat some puppies, some owners have a weird attitude and me being a stranger doesn’t help at all, but I’m 100% ok with it. I love to see how the 2 matriarchs rule the place and boss everybody around, from little things like taking a bowl for all dogs to drink of to things like having the youngest male cleaning after their dogs because they are too old to get down (and that’s true), they know all the dogs, not by name, but by their specific behavior. After this huge introduction I’ll get to the point, Candela is indeed an evil dog and for that I like her. Yesterday she rolled, drank and dragged other dogs to a stinky puddle, I saw her all happy and cover on mud, the stench was really bad, when her owner saw her she went crazy (here’s where I connect the intro to my point), then one of the matriarchs sent 2 young guys after Candela “Jon, Joe, get that dog and take her to the fountain” and Jon and Joe did as they were told, like two little puppies. Candela wasn’t happy at all, as soon as she managed to get the leash off ran away to the puddle again and the story repeated.