Things Dogs Do Just Because: Waking Up or Not

I usually wake up early, even on weekends whether if I have to workout or not. However, there are days when I like to stay on bed a little longer, like when I was partying the night before or when it’s raining too heavy or simple when I feel lazy. I knew that getting a dog would mean saying goodbye to those little things that make weekends special, most dogs (for what people tell) have a well set schedule, when is time to get up and go out they make it clear and wake you up. Somehow I was predisposed to it and as soon as Doggy got home I started waking up earlier than usual so I would had time to walk him, workout and do what I usually do before heading off to work. Then our first weekend together arrived, the alarm went off (my alarm is a pack of Doberman barking) Doggy got all excited but I was too lazy to get up, wanted to stretch it for 10 minutes, so I pushed him down to his bed and asked him to hold for 10 minutes which for him probably sounded like blah blah blah blah, the point is that he stayed there not for 10 minutes but for an extra hour, now he doesn’t wake up until or gets excited until I get off bed. Initially he would whine and put his paws on the bed when he would see me roll, now he has learned that me rolling only means I’m too lazy to get up or I’m just fixing my pillow, either way he doesn’t get excited. This is really good because regardless of the time I take him out 6am or 11am he would get just as excited and would do his business 2 minutes after walking out the front door.