Tricky The Fugitive

By far my favorite dog of all the park would be Tricky,  he’s a Jack Terrier-Dachshund mix you can only imagine how crazy he is. He’s only 6 month old, really social and playful, his face is just too cute to resist. He tries to play with every single dog at the park, is very submissive so if a bigger dog (not hard to find for him) doesn’t wanna play he just walk away. But that’s not the reason why I like him, see, the moment his owner takes the leash off he runs away, he’s a fugitive, he runs to the other end of the park and a couple of dogs follow, you can see all the owners running after their dogs. Yesterday he decided to run towards the central water fountain, there was a couple laying on the grass, having a sweet little time, it was funny to see how he slowed down as he was approaching the couple as soon as he was close enough he jump on the girls lap and started to play with her, needless to say Tricky scared the life out of her. Tricky makes my day, I must confess that although I really like him I would die or go crazy if I had a dog like him, he’s too much to handle and his owner always asks for advice, I’m no expert, but I keep telling him that he won’t be able to educate Tricky at that park, too many distractions, I hope he finds a way to tame that little beast, he looks rather desperate and doesn’t want to keep Tricky on a leash at all time.