My Dog-gy Stinks, Literally.

Many are the posts where I complain and talk about how hard(ok, not that hard) is to have a hairy dog that you are not supposed to brush or comb his hair. I have to take 30-40 minutes of my day to groom him (twice as much as I dedicate to myself). He loves to roll over dry leaves, leaves that stick to his fur and lately is not a happy dog until he gets wet. I know I could change all this by not taking him to the park where the pond is and avoid all places with green and dirty, which I do when I have little time. However, now is getting really hot in here, low 100’s and he’s clearly feeling it, we go out and he would play a little but mostly lay down next to me, once I take him to the water and he refreshes he’s a different dog. I must admit I have a lot of fun watching get all dirty but once I get home and I smell that typical “wet dog” smell is not that funny, I open all the windows, remove all cushions from the sofa and put the mattress against the wall(yeah, my place is a loft/duplex, so doors) and remove what I can from his fur since I can’t bath him everyday. He seems to enjoy the grooming time. It’s a big hassle but I don’t think it’ll be fair to keep him from what he enjoys and seems to make him a happy dog, also he works for that, he knows that after the morning run the water and mud are waiting for him.