From Hillbilly to Oprah’s Dear

Who would have thought that this furry hillbilly beast, born up in the mountains of Andalusia, Spain would become millionaire and featured on blogs around the world?
He left the mountains behind and instead herding pigs and sheep, together with me, we will go to all late night shows, Oprah(even if I don’t like her face, just kidding Oprah! She could fire me from life, I think she eats puppies) will produce a movie based on his life. This is not crazy talking, yesterday we won 10 millions dollars or it’s equivalent on Sammy hugs, was a hard event, the competition was fierce, bets were against us, but we were confident, all the effort and years of sacrifice paid off.
Wanna know what I’m talking about? Check this out:
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And on top of that Doggy, Django and Voldy(Voldemort) featured on this blog:
Emama’s Blog.

I’m telling you this dog will soon buy me a cabin in the Alps, a beach house at the Bay Islands, a potato farm in Idaho, a corn farm in Ohio, an apartment in the city and a ticket to the moon, 2 cows and 1 donkey.

In a more serious matter take a minute or 2 to read this:
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