Doggy Regan From The Exorcist

I’m sure you all are familiar with Regan, the girl from The Exorcist, picture her because what I’m about to tell you is even worse than that. I won’t be too graphic, I don’t want people tossing their cookies and I’m pigging out on a pound of cherries.
The last couple of nights Doggy has been snoring really loud, enough to keep me awake, at first I thought it was funny I would just move him and he would stop snoring, the second night the snoring was just as unbearable I woke him up because I needed some sleep, he stopped snoring or at least I was deeply asleep as to be bothered by the snores. We woke up at the usual time, he stared coughing and then ewww, he spit on my foot. At that point I knew he was not ok, I didn’t get worry at first because his behavior didn’t change a bit, he was the same possessed monster but I’m cautious because I’ve seen what happens when you don’t act as soon as you should. I don’t wanna see my dog coming downstairs and doing his business in the middle of the grand salon while I play the piano, that’d be the end of my social life, luckily I don’t play the piano.
After work I took him to the exorcist vet, he practiced his white magic, gave Doggy a potion and back home we went. I was not prepared for the night he gave me, all the demons coming out of his mouth one after another, he started coughing and spiting sporadically at 3am by 5:30am was a whole parade of demons in my room, there I was with a bucket and a mop cleaning after him. Later on we went to the park and he was angelic and well-behaved until he stepped on water, I need father Damien Karras to help me.