Dog Alone

To my left* a few sheep passing at 200mph, a house here and there and plenty of olive trees, to my right a lady snoring and at home Doggy taking care of the property.
He’ll be alone (no CPS calling from the neighbors I hope)  for 12-13 hours, never planned to do such thing but had to attend an “emergency” company meeting and had no other choice but to leaving guarding our manor and herding our cows by himself. I’m preparing psychologically to see my place destroyed, I’ll assume the consequences.
I did the best I could, removed all the valuables, took him for a long walk early morning and then to office for a couple of hours, then back home because I needed to catch the train. He did all the nasties outside, fed him early and left plenty of water. He’s a grown up now, he should be able to handle it, he’s usually alone for 8 hours a normal business day, however, I’m prepared to be attacked when I walk in home at around 2am.

*Ok the pic doesn’t not show what I mention but traveling at 200mph gives you little options.