Hands Free!

I know I often start my posts with “I already mentioned…” or “As I said on a previous post..” and this is gonna be the exception, because I started with “I know”. Anyhow,  you all know I got Doggy because I wanted a running partner, I’ve been running since I was 11, kinda built of my life around it, however, sometimes running gets old, basically because it’s hard to find the perfect running partner. Runners are usually “loners”, we like to fix the world while we run for 2 hours or more. Personally, my perfect running partner is someone who would talk only when necessary after the usual first 30 minutes of chit-chat that is, after that I like to disconnect, get into the “zone”. I’ve tried many people but not everybody is willing to go for 14 miles on a Saturday morning or go cross-country running when it’s pouring. Wait, don’t get alarmed, I haven’t taken Doggy on long runs, he has to develop his adult body before I make him work for his food and chewing toys. He goes with me for 6 miles, really easy, not everyday, just to make him used to the feeling and to know that when we are running no sniffing, no peeing, no stopping to check on dogs is allowed, he can pee on water breaks, so far he gets it. Dogs somehow keep you motivated, they don’t care if it’s raining or if it’s cold or warm and don’t give a damn  if you don’t feel like running or drank too much the night before, they wanna go out and and hey! once you are out you gotta run. I’ve been extremely lucky, he heels from day 1 but I don’t wanna run with him off-leash because you never know what’s gonna happen. I got yesterday a really nice leash from RuffWear (hear me Mr. Ruff?Free advertising) to tie around my waist, I tried it and yes! we are happy! I would be happier if it hard a little pocket to put the keys and a few bucks but that’s not a biggie, I can use the little shoe pocket for that. Now I can go with Doggy to do grocery shopping and not having to worry about how on earth I’m supposed to carry all that stuff and Doggy.  Next on the list it’s a nice backpack for Doggy so he can carry his own water.