When Dog-gy Attacks

The street where I live is very busy, one of the few streets that access the centre of the city, traffic of all kind including trucks and buses, sidewalks are really narrow 4ft probably, little room for silly games when a bus is coming. As you know Doggy is a hill billy dog, but now he’s used to the cars and no longer freezes when he sees them coming. However, from day 1 a junkie has been insistently bothering Doggy, he approaches like he’s a feline ready to pounce (he even roars) and of course scares the hell out of Doggy. I know it’s a waste of time trying to reason with him nonetheless, I gave it a shot and asked him not to approach that way because he was scaring the dog and since it was a really busy street it could turn dangerous if the dog tried to run, that if he wanted to touch him was ok but not that way. As I suspected it was an utter waste of time. For the last 2 months the history repeats itself twice a day, I cross the street to avoid him but it gets old. See, it seems like in this part of the world it’s ok for people to hang out under the influence and help others parking their cars, that’s a norm around here. Call the police you might be thinking, well I live almost next door to the police and they seem to enjoy a chit chat with this guy. Doggy is growing and he doesn’t back up anymore when that guy tries to touch him, now he charges at him. Yesterday he pissed me off, I saw him and gave him a hand signal so he could move, obviously he didn’t, we passed and he tried to touch Doggy again, Doggy started barking and tried to bite him, the guy tried to kick Doggy and I lost it. Put my finger on his face and told him that if he ever again try to touch my dog and come close to me I would rip his throat and gave him a little touch on his throat, he said nothing. I’m not that badass and have never used violence/aggression to settle problems but that he doesn’t know it, however it seems to have done the trick, this morning he saw me coming, tipped his hat and crossed the street. We’ll see how long it lasts, to be honest I bet my paycheck that it won’t last more than a week or till his next high.