Oh no you di’n’t!

Not everything is bad in this side of the world. Here I can take Doggy with me for drinks(not that he drinks but you know what I mean) and nobody seems to mind, I’m sure dogs are not allowed but nobody  minds. Now that is getting really warm in here, the best time to be out is after 10pm, we often go for a drink after our dogs play at the park. They socialize and so should we, we are also social animals, some less than others but that’s normal.
Lately Doggy has been playing a lot with Nerva, another SWD, she’s a little over a year old, black like Doggy and about the same height. She’s a barker, her owner is a bit desperate since is something Nerva’s developed over the past 2-3 months, she barks at people, mostly kids on wheels (bikes, rollerskates, etc.), she’s tried it all, now she’s gonna go for the collar, not quite sure how it works. A few days ago as it was getting dark I lost sight of Doggy, then heard some barking, looked up and my eyes couldn’t believe what they were seeing (and they shouldn’t) I called Doggy and he wouldn’t come (he always does), called again and nothing, squeezed the squeaky ball(best caller ever) and then I felt a paw scratching my leg, was Doggy, he’s been there all along, poor boy, he was going to get grounded just because I’m blind. I’ll get him a neon collar so I don’t commit the same mistake again.