Eating Habits

This post is not about food freshness, the picture is just to show you how I usually leave Doggy’s food (believe it not thanks the weather in here food remains fresh with the bag open). The room I keep his food is the spare room my place, he’s not allowed there because it’s too messy, it’d be heaven for him, plenty of socks to play with and other things I keep out of his reach. However, I cleaned that room (well overdue) and let him in, I used the recently made bed to relax, watch a movie and take a nap not realizing food bag was open, it wasn’t until I heard the noise of the bag that I thought of it, I jumped off the bed waiting to see the bag empty and Doggy’s belly 3 times larger. Once again he said “in your face”, he didn’t touch the food, he was playing with buoy next to the bag of food and the episode has repeated several times. Doggy’s eating habits are peculiar, from day 1 I would always make him sit and lay down while I was serving his food, he’s not allowed to touch it until I say “eat” and during the first 2-3 weeks I would remove his bowl while he was eating or put my hand between his mouth and his food, I couldn’t do with a possessive dog. Thanks to that, even when he is really hungry he doesn’t jump or shows much excitement when I’m serving his food, of course he gets alert and starts waggling his little tail. Don’t take me wrong, the fact that he doesn’t touch his food doesn’t mean he’s overfed, he then would eat as many liver cookies as you give him, or hot dogs, or sticks at the park, he just respects the bag of food, for now that is.