Birds Fly, Dogs Swim.

Doggy’s swimming skills have improved a lot. Since the shock therapy at the beach he’s now fearless, honestly, who wouldn’t? He was gobbled by the sea, tossed and rolled by a few waves and yet he kept getting into the water. When you have a dog like mine that it’s literally your shadow, is fairly easy to make him do things dogs would usually hesitate, it’s not torture, it’s being resourceful, he fights his fears, if he sees me move away he goes crazy because he thinks I’m leaving him behind, so he follows even if it’s against his will. I felt sorry for him, but hey! if birds learn to fly the hard way, water dogs shouldn’t have a problem learning to swim/surf the same way. As a result of that he now lost all fears, he jumps from the pier down to the river to retrieve a rock or orange, dives and of course runs across the park to jump in the fountain passing through the things he dislike the most, people. The water on the video looks really nasty but it isn’t, there was a flood at the park the other day when a pipe burst sweeping all the dirt to the pond and making the water look that dirty. I wonder what happened to the little turtles that hatched a week ago.