Weekend’s Heat

This surely is going to be a stressful weekend, I’ll be voluntarily pet sitting for Nerva, another Spanish Water Dog. Doggy and Nerva have a great relationship, she’s older than him but Doggy is bigger, they both are hardcore players, play to kill and never stop. Nerva however, is a little naughty, she lacks some training and barks at people on wheels, not aggressively but people don’t know she means no harm and it can get ugly. I’m now teaching to sit, stay and to play dead, good thing she’s a quick learner. Here’s what worries me, she’s in heat, I know, terrible right? Her first time and she’s not fixed, neither is Doggy and we don’t want kids yet, so she’s going to be wearing a chastity belt, didn’t know they made those for those for dogs. Doggy tries to get frisky with her but doesn’t insist much, does it once and then resumes playing I guess he’s not fully mature but breeder told me he’s ready to be a father, are we crazy or what? He’s too young we don’t want a teenager father. Honest to Zeus, I have no idea what I am getting into nor why I’m gonna dot it, if something happens you’ll read my regret email lol.