The Situation Room

I’ll give you an update of my weekend with Nerva(bitch in heat) and Doggy(not much of a puppy anymore). I picked up Nerva after work, brought her home and took the both of them to the park, after only 15 minutes I was already stressed and had run out of the little patience I was provided with upon birth. Doggy was constantly trying to mount Nerva who unlike opposing resistance on previous attempts this time was more than willing to get frisky. She was wearing her chastity belts, but that doesn’t keep dogs from trying and it would have been irresponsible to have stayed at the park where all the dogs would have gone crazy after her and that could have caused some fights. I left Doggy at the park and took Nerva to her house, she was sad but it was the best for us, specially for my mental health, I’m not exaggerating if I tell you that after those 15 minutes I deleted from my head any thought of having another dog, one at the time is more than enough, I have no patience at all. So now Nerva is at her place, I check on here every 3-4 hours, and Doggy at my place where I can control, well sorta.