The Stay Conundrum

So far I’ve been successful on training Doggy. He sits, lays down, shakes his paw and gives high 5, retrieves, sits pretty and walks on his hind, he also associates 5 different words to his toys, he brings me what I ask which is part of my goal, I want him to be able to look for my keys as I always misplace them at home. That all sounds perfect, however, I can’t make him to stay, not at home that is, he always has to be where I am, I’ve tried a couple of different methods but can’t get rid of him when I’m cooking and it’s not because he eats what falls off the counter, he just stays there and sleeps. I can’t tell you how annoying it is, I have to jump over him and be extra careful not to drop the knife (which I often do) he could get badly hurt. When we are out he stays at the door of stores as long as he can see me otherwise starts to whine, he is literally my shadow. I don’t over pet him, I let him be a dog, I can’t even imagine how he would be if I treated him like a little stuffed animal, at home it doesn’t matter what the other person is doing with him, there can be food involved, but if I call him he comes and with strangers not even food lures him to go with them, that part I honestly like. It’d be really unfair to make a fuss over this but it drives me nuts when I want him off and can’t make him to leave or stay a few steps away, 3 steps that’s all ask. What I do now is to block him upstairs whenever I have to cook or clean the kitchen, the way he reacts is funny, he sits and stares down at me then lays down and starts to yawn and to sniff really hard and constantly, I ignore him, don’t even look at him, I’m sure that if he was a verbal dog he would have driven me crazy already. Some day I’ll find a way to make him “stay” at home, till then I’ll keep jumping over him or blocking him upstairs or tie a chain and a ball to his leg.