Dinner Out With Doggy

I’ve always said that Seville is an extension of hell. I moved here over 2 years ago and up to that point I didn’t understand the concept of the siesta. Believe, after experiencing what 110 degrees feel like in the middle of the day I get why people in here sleep or take a break between 2 and 5pm, I will never get used to the heat, I used to complain about NYC’s humidity but I much rather have that than this in here. Since social life during the day is not an option people go out after work, between 9-10pm, you take your dog out and then go for drinks or dinner with friends. One think I really like about this place is the fact that you can take your dog with you pretty much anywhere. A dog or more, tied to chair or table at bars and restaurants is an everyday sight, nobody minds and dogs seems to understand that in that place they must behave and not bark or move much. Doggy and Voldy for instance, don’t quit their playing but keep it under the table, literally. You would think that you would often see dogs asking for food while you eat, up to this very day I haven’t seen it, of course they it whatever you sneak under the table, I personally don’t do it, but it’s because I refuse to give Doggy human food. Seville is no where close to be the perfect place for dogs, but there are things that are widely accepted and make your life easier as a pet owner.

On a sad note, Lonesome George died, it made me really sad, I’ve been “following” his life for the last 10-12 years, another specie gone thanks to us humans, he was 100, just a baby.