Action-Reaction, Newton’s Third Law

No, I won’t talk about physics, so you can breathe. In our last visit to the park things were as usual, Doggy playing with Candela until a new dog tried to enter the game, this dog was on the leash, a medium to large size adult black lab, the dog started to bark, the kids stopped playing and suddenly the lab charged at Doggy, kept barking and trying to bite him. Doggy doesn’t react to barks, he keeps his cool until it involves me. Before I continue let me take you back to a April, Doggy was then 4 months, another dog on a leash wearing a muzzle came to the park and started bark to everything that projected a shadow, owner decided to approach us and of course the dog was barking, Doggy kept his cool until that dog jumped on me, I was not worried at all, dog was wearing a muzzle but of course Doggy didn’t know that. I was taken aback with Doggy’s reaction, the minute the dog jumped on me Doggy came from behind and charged at the dog, charged like a killer beast, showing all his little teeth and going for the neck, everybody around was taken by surprise, nobody expected that reaction from a puppy, specially a puppy like Doggy that rarely barks and always avoids noisy dogs. Same thing happened today, but now Doggy is bigger, the minute the lab tried to jump on me Doggy lost his cool and attacked, bit the lab on his ear, I tried to get in the middle but the lab was too big, his owner was having a hard time controlling him. Lab grabbed Doggy by the side of his face, but since Doggy is hairy he just managed to grab the hair, Doggy cried a little and after shaking, went for the neck of the lab and wouldn’t let go. I’m not proud of his reaction but I don’t think I should condemn him, I would be concerned if that was the norm and not exception, but he has only reacted that way when another dog has “threatened” me, it’s not that I’m overly permissive, he’s just being a dog doing what his instinct tells him to do. I might be wrong but he’s a good dog.