Doggy’s Tower

That’s the image of an evil dog, a dog that once I turn my back throws a party and when I open the door plays dead. See, I don’t allow him to get on the furniture, he’s really good at it when I’m around, I mentioned it before when he threw a party on my bed while I was taking a shower. I live on the first floor of my building, windows open to a patio, I leave them open so Doggy has fresh air to breath and plenty of sun. My living room is furnished on very minimalist way, an L shaped chaise lounge, a coffee table, a TV anchored to the wall a shelf under the TV with some candles and 2 Papier-mâché zombie heads and that’s about it. From Monday to Friday my place looks like a war zone, cushions off the sofa and nothing on top of the coffee table, puppy proof. I started noticing paw marks on the coffee table, always pointing to the same direction (yeah, I pay attention to detail) also noticed that only 1 arm of the sofa would have marks too, I didn’t know why until I a few days ago when I got home and decided to spy on Doggy, didn’t take the keys out, walked very slow until I could see inside the house and bang! Caught him, he uses the sofa and coffee table to see through the window, apparently he sits there and stares out (according to eyewitnesses) and he howls every now and then (which I’ve never heard). I felt sorry so I closed the window next to the sofa (so he doesn’t ruin my sofa with his paws) drag the coffee table closer to the other window, that’s his Sauron Tower, now he’s a happier dog, as long as he doesn’t do it when I’m home I’ll be happy too.