My Guardian Dog

Doggy is taking seriously his mission to guard that window, the window where at night a dog shows up and he barks at him, the dog that looks exactly like him eating. Poor soul, he goes up and down stairs trying to get closer to that dog, is funny and sad at the same time, it’d be nice if dogs possessed self-awareness, Doggy would for once see how dirty he looks and try to keep a neat appearance. I told you he would get on the sofa to look through the window, I closed that window and put the coffee table closer to the other window which has basically turned into his Mordor Tower, he likes to stare to the nothingness, cuz seriously, there’s nothing going on in this building. As long as he doesn’t start barking we’ll be in talking terms, good thing he’s not a really verbal dog.
I’m really excited, he’s starting to hold his water, it’s been probably a week and we haven’t had any incident at home, I feel bad he has to hold it for so long, 8 hours are a bit excessive, let’s be honest, not even us rational beings can hold it that long, I mean we do if we have to, but it’s not a pleasant thing to do, so expecting a puppy to hold it for 8 hours sounds unfair. However, they manage to learn and do it, soon I’ll be putting the carpeting back and make this place look more like a house and less like a kennel.