Dog-gy Eats What?

I’ve been thinking lately on switching Doggy’s diet to raw food, I asked the vet and he said it was ok as long as I mix on the food vitamins and other complements. Doggy’s vet uses mostly natural products and is not fan of excessive vaccination, just whatever the law requires for me to travel with Doggy and whatever vaccine to prevent any life threatening disease. I have yet to trash the previous vet for his dubious way of doing business but that’ll take a longer post.
Back to the food thing, I often mix fruits on his food, he loves oranges and strawberries and has recently tried cherries and he likes them just as much as strawberries, however, other than hotdogs as treats he has never eaten raw meat (hotdogs are precooked right?). He has a really strong stomach, that time he ate 2lbs of gummy bears I thought he was going to get sick but nothing happened. I guess I’ll give it a shot and see how he adapts.
Is any of you furry beats on a raw diet?
Suggestions, tips and advises are more than welcome.

I don’t know if any of you use Instagram, just in case I’ll share account created for Doggy, user name is: DoggInstagram
Disclaimer for my friends: I was NOT the one who created the account, I repeat, I was NOT the one, so do not start with me.