Calling Mr. Dog

A few days ago I had a laugh attack at the park, I know it won’t be even funny but at that moment I thought it was. I was pondering over the Saint James Way when I heard someone throwing kisses, of course I didn’t assume it was for me but whomever was throwing those kisses really meant it and is likely to have severe cheeks soreness, it was LOUD,  loud enough for me to hear it over the music playing on my iPod. As I turned to look where the kisses where coming and to who were directed, all I could see was a French Bulldog and a young girl behind him, I had to stare, the girl kept throwing kisses everytime the dog would walk too far away or smell something, then as she approached me, she started to throw kisses to all the dogs, at that point it was obvious that was the way she has of calling her dog’s attention and uses it with any other dog. I seriously thought it was funny, let’s be honest, the way we have to position or lips and the effort it takes to throw a kiss as loud as she was doing it it’s less than flattering, was way too funny. She realized I was laughing at her, because she looked at me and grinned.
After that I started to observe how people call the attention of their dogs, some people yell, other whistle, other clap, other run after the dog, as for me, I never learned how to whistle, refuse to yell or run after Doggy so I use the toy he likes to most, it’s a squeaky ball, I squeeze it and he stops whatever he’s doing, looks at me and if I call him he comes if I don’t he comes anyway lol. However, there’s a huge downside to this, cuz after him comes all the dogs to check on that noise.
Well, I’ll leave you with a video that caused me to burst a huge laugh at work. (It seems like the video doesn’t wanna load, here’s the link: Hanna Montana Coon Repellent )