Work it!

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I’ve recently discovered the wonders of having a dog who likes to work(or so I think). From day one without me teaching him (ok, I got him when he was 4 months and is likely he received some training because he was too good of a puppy) Doggy would grab a stick, a ball a piece of clothe and carry it around whenever we would go out. I soon realized how great that was, Doggy was with his mouth busy and wouldn’t try to eat crap in the street. Later on I watched a video of a Spanish Water Dog doing chores at home, by chores I mean carrying the trash, moving light stuff from one room to the other, picking up keys, open gates, etc. Jackpot! I thought, if I can only teach Doggy half of that I can retire and let him take care of me. As for now, he has started to carry things up and downstairs, he doesn’t know he’s working, he thinks he’s playing and getting free treats, little he knows that’s only the begging of the exploitation. In all seriousness, is not because Doggy is my dog, but he’s too smart and he needs motivation, shame I’m not an expert and can’t teach him cool things like other people does, sadly there are no facilities in here where I could send my dog for a month(not sure I would want to either), I would like to go to a camp with him so an expert can give me tips as to how to do things, so far I only follow videos on YouTube and some things that I read on blogs. There are some greats videos out there, many other can be misleading or rather frustrating when they use dogs already trained, however, there’s a guy who is my favorite by far, I’ll add a video at the end. I talked with Doggy’s breeder about click training, he doesn’t agree with it, he doesn’t use it with his dogs, I’m curious as to what methods he uses and what methods are used with working dogs, I don’t think they use the old school “beat the hell out of your dog till he learns” method, I just don’t see how you can train a guide dog if it’s not with positive reinforcement, not that I assume that all has to be click-treat, but you know what I mean.