The Queen is gone

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As many of you know from previous posts Candela (brown dog) was my favorite dog at the park and likely to be Doggy’s fav too, sadly she died sunday night. She got her rabies shot and right after got sick, was not able to hold her food, I saw her on Friday and she just wasn’t herself. I’m sad, she grew on me, really nice and sweet dog, evil yes, but sweet, even Lola who had her differences with Candela was sad when she found out about it, Lola can be an utter bitch at times, but she’s also the most sympathetic person I’ve met since I got here, specially when it comes to dogs. She’ll be missed for sure, she was the park’s social butterfly and the one who would get most dogs to behave badly. I feel sorry for her owner, she’s crushed, her brown headache was her lil friend.