Who’s the boss?

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Like it or not dogs rule our lives in more than one way, from the minute they walk in our place they set the rules. I had to remove all the carpeting because of Doggy, I didn’t want them ruined with pee, for the last 3 months my house has looked like a kennel, like if we were renting a room at Doggy’s place. You alter your social life because there’s a furry beast waiting for you at home, but that’s the easy part. What about waking up earlier than usual because you must exercise your dog, feed them, do your own workout, take a shower and get ready for work?
In my case I don’t only have to allow time for all the above but also 30 minutes to spare just in case Doggy decides to jump in a puddle and get covered on mud, taking him home like that is out of the question, I have to walk with him for an extra 30 minutes but not before rinsing him with clean water and still gotta be on time at work.
Why do I allow him to do that?
Simple because he runs for 1 hour with me, then does his playing with Django and eagerly  looks for water,  he’s hot and he loves to swim or on its absence roll on a muddy puddle.
I usually avoid that part of the park because I know the sprinklers are usually on, but in hot days like yesterday I just can’t say no, an honestly, seeing how happy he gets even if later on it’s gonna take me 3 hours to remove every leave or flower stuck to his fur it’s worth it.
Never mind the NOOO on the video