A Well Overdue Thank You!

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Today I’ll write an well over due THANK YOU post to all those who have given me a blog award.
I won’t be able to pass on the awards since thanks to my procrastinating ways I’ve let the time pass by without passing on or properly thanking you all.
The order is as random as my posts, so let’s start with:

  • One Spoiled huge cat named Sam.
  • Europe’s next ruler (once Merkel dies) Easy.
  • The unrealistically cute and smart toy puddle PopCorn
  • The most popular Piggies of whole internet and beyond
  • Mollie and Alfie, you should check them out, they sell good treat and organize fun games with nice prizes
  • Misaki beautiful malamute even when accidentally rolling on fox doo.
  • King Simba, cuteness wearing white, would love to see him covered on mud tho lol.
  • And last but not least, if you have an extra minute, pop up to Rumpy’s blog, read and please vote.

If I left someone out, please forgive me, I’m growing old and memory fails me, but I do appreciate the gesture and also the time you all take to read my random posts, I’m crying now lol, ok, I better stop before the music does, World Peace, PETA, Green Peace, Global Warming, Mayan’s Doomsday is coming!…….