Tales from the dog park

After saying “Hello everybody” I usually move away from the crowd at the dogpark, the demographic is mainly middle age woman, gradmas and retired men, usually widows. They gossip and fix everybody’s lives, however, there are days when I allow myself to enjoy a little of the gossip, stay close enough with my headphones on but music off so I can overhear but not actively take part of the conversation.
Yesterday a lady whose dog got ran over by a car recently and adopted a dog that was left at the groomer started an interesting subject “How a dog has changed my life”, it started because a widow passed by,  for I gather he used to have a dog, it died and now the man is all by himself and rather lonely, they asked him to get a dog but he’s not ready yet.

The woman went on saying that before she had a dog she wouldn’t leave her place unless it was extremely necessary, that she would stay all day long watching TV on her moo moo and on Fridays she would make sure to buy everything she would possible need so she didn’t need to leave her place. Added that thanks to her dog she now has a social life and is forced to leave her place at least 3 times a day.

Other woman said that after she got divorced and was left with only the dog, a huge golden retriever, she was on a deep depression and that the only thing that kept her day going was the dog who was a puppy back then and she needed to take care of all the vaccines and cares a puppy need, it helped to keep herself busy and overcome the depression.

Personally, I think that we all have seen our life altered because of our dogs,  I’m a totally different guy now compared to 4 months ago, not that I had any problems but Doggy’s arrival has helped direct or indirect to ground or settle my ideas to hop from country to country, at least for now.