Gurl, I will cut you!

I’ve always been aware that I have no patience with parents who allow their kids to run wild, however, I understand that kids are kids and they are just being kids, but there’s a limit and for me the limit is my personal space. Recently at the park (yeah again lol) I was minding my own business (headphones and music on) and from the distance I saw a kid with a water gun spraying everybody, kids, adults and dogs, they were coming towards me, so I decided to move to avoid any kind of trouble cuz I was not going to be a happy guy if the kid sprayed me or Doggy. However, fate had decided that I should deal with them, kid sprayed and Doggy and also other dogs at the park, my blood reached boiling point, company policy keeps me from rising my voice, so I calmly asked the mother to keep his kid on a leash, that I was going to dry off but if he sprayed a dog that didn’t like water and the bit him it would only mean problems thanks to her negligence. Boy!!! Women went crazy, she used all the words on her limited dictionary to curse, she lost it, I kept my cool and told her that it was clear why her kid was a wild beast, apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, she went ballistic. Another woman who was at the park with her dog heard the fuss, luckily she was on my side but was on the same level than the mother, they went at each other, I walked away and observed from the distance. I must confess that I wanted to slap her and her kid, but she’s not worth the effort.
They kept arguing and threatening to kick each other ass if only they were alone and somewhere else (always the same excuse lol). I feel sorry for the kid, he’ll grow up to be a bully and will have his teeth knocked down a couple of times.
Just to show that not always is the dog or kid to blame, but the owner.
Reminded me of this video: Gurl, I will cut him!