BA in Landscaping

Sunday I was enjoying a glass of good old wine and a rather disgusting “tapa”, as it is now a habit I bring Doggy, tie him to the chair to a pole next to me and enjoy the evening. Doggy has learned not to beg for food and if he comes to close when I’m eating an “Off” is enough and he goes back to his business. He usually comes to check up, licks me once or twice and resumes whatever he was doing, this time around when he came to lick me I felt something pointy on my calf, looked back and down and there it was, Doggy doing some gardening, he was eating all the dry leaves of the plants around him, I mean all. I was too engaged on my nothingness and didn’t feel Doggy pulling on the leash so I didn’t think he was up to something. He rarely eats crap, but he is crazy for drive leaves, sticks and oranges, he must pick up every stick he can and carry it, eats all dry leaves or collects them on his fur, I’m foreseeing what our fall walks will be like, he’ll look like a xmas tree with all the leaves and little branches stuck to his fur.
When the waiter brought my bill she noticed the rests of dry leaves on the floor and asked me to bring the next again and put it next to the other plant so they don’t have to do the gardening.
Yet another job Doggy could take to chip in for our cabin in the Alps.