Let’s head south then

Given the circumstances I had to cancel my Saint James Way hike with Doggy. It was literally impossible to transport him under decent conditions all the way up to where I was planning to start. Hard to believe that the only option was to take him on the cargo of a bus for 9+ hours because trains have a nonsense policy on which they allow dogs within city limits but not on trains min/long distance trains. Renting would have been ok if only there was a chance to have someone pick up the car at the little village where the hike would have started to to have someone drive you there.
I’m to blame partially, planned this with too little time in advance and can’t expect to have a country change their ways (lame at times) of doing things because I’ve decided to take on a rather unusual trip for the locals.
However, we are still going to have our hike, but this time in souther Spain, where will be much easier to move around with or without a car.
I’ll plan the Saint James Way with more time next year, Doggy will be older and I’ll hopefully will be wiser lol.

Thanks for all the advices to Easy and Kolytiy.